Project WisHope’s Recovery Community Centers in Waukesha, Waupaca, Beloit, Baraboo

Project WisHope operates four Recovery Community Centers located in Waukesha, Waupaca, Beloit and Baraboo(Coming soon).

Our recovery community centers are drop-in centers and offer opportunities to develop positive social networks and receive non-clinical, recovery support services.

The goals of our recovery community centers are to provide accessible and localized support that will increase recovery and improve the quality of individual and community life.

Project WisHope’s Recovery Community Centers in Waukesha and Waupaca

Our Recovery Community Centers Offer:

24-Hour peer-run resource and support hotline offering behavioral health resources to the state of Wisconsin

Community trainings, including Narcan, Recovery Messaging, Recovery Basics for Parents, Certified Peer Recovery Coaching and others as needed

All recovery meetings (meetings that promote all pathways to recovery, AA, NA, SMART, and faith-based recovery support meetings

Job training and job placement assistance

Peer Recovery Coaching services for anyone struggling with substance use disorders

Peer Recovery Coaching services for employers, drug courts, emergency departments, hospitals and first responders

Recovery Responsive Workplace programming to engage and train employers in devolving safe and recovery supported working environments

What is a Recovery Community Center (RCC)?