The Lois House

The Lois House - A Women’s Recovery Residence in Wisconsin

Project WisHope supervises and maintains The Lois House, which is a recovery residence or sober living home for women in Wisconsin. The Lois House is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The overall purpose of our recovery housing program at The Lois House is to provide women who are struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders safe and affordable residential care and recovery support.

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Sober Living at the Lois House: What You Can Expect

Women in recovery just love The Lois House mainly because this facility includes several extra bathrooms and a chef’s kitchen. Plus the house is within walking distance to lots of employment opportunities and 12-step meetings.  The residents really thrive in this recovery-family atmosphere! Our Lois House includes all the essential amenities, including free wifi, shared and private rooms, a gym membership, transpiration to recovery community meetings and more.

The Project WisHope Recovery Housing Experience

Our recovery housing program supports three phases, which vary between three-six months in length and depend on where a person is at in their recovery process. Each phase has specific objectives and goals and is designed to help you gradually transition into real-world recovery.  Our phases are as follows:

Phase #1: Transition   

This phase is for individuals just learning to navigate the world without drugs and/or alcohol. They are settling into their new recovery program and learning to transition away from their old lifestyle. Individuals in this phase will undergo a more structured and intensive experience to mitigate relapse and ensure long-term success.

Phase #2:  Acclimation

The Acclimation Phase begins once an individual has begun to build a stronger foundation in recovery. This phase is less structured and allows for individuals to establish more independence and freedom in order to gain the necessary skills needed to live a sober life in the real world.

Phase #3: Independent

This phase begins after a client has successfully established new habits and a solid foundation in recovery. After a client has reached the Independent Phase, they have the option to move into independent housing for up to one year and receive ongoing recovery support after graduation.

During each phase, participants will receive individualized support that is structured to meet his or her needs, co-occurring mental health conditions, and/or other life circumstances, such as legal needs, family relationships, acuity, etc.  We focus on providing a holistic, community-based structure that re-engages and or teaches a client that everyday interaction with recovery and community is the path to a fulfilling life in recovery.

Our Recovery Housing Program Guidelines

Residents of Project WisHope’s recovery residences are required to follow a set of guidelines, which are designed to help participants to develop a strong foundation in their newfound sobriety and learn to live a sober life independently during or after treatment. Our program guidelines are also accountability measures with proven effectiveness and include:

If you’re interested in applying or learning more about our recovery housing, please complete our Online Recovery Housing Application or contact us at 844-WIS-HOPE or hello@wishope.com

If you’re interested in applying or learning more about our recovery housing, please complete our online recovery housing application or contact us at 844-WIS-HOPE or hello@wishope.com

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