Project WisHope Recovery Housing Facts, Answers and Questions:

  • Complete our online application here
  • The Intake Manager will contact you as soon as possible to arrange things
  • Call to ask any questions or concerns with the Intake Manager
  • You should bring no valuables you can’t keep on your person
  • Bring single bed sheets and enough clothes for a week-laundry on site
  • Bring no more than $10
  • Bring your phone-but use may be limited for the first weeks
  • Bring a bath towel and soap and other personal care items
  • Bring your insurance cards and IDs
  • Acclimation Phase costs males $800, females $1200 per month and includes food gift cards
  • Transition Phase costs males $600, females $1000 per month without food cards
  • Independent Phase costs males $600, females $1000 per month
  • Health Insurance does not pay for recovery housing. The resident is responsible for making sure their rent is paid on time.
  • A good life skill to learn is getting along with people you don’t like and the roommate experience can be a valuable opportunity to practice this skill. Community Sessions address roommate compatibility issues and usually resolve any issues the same day.
  • There is no security deposit for housing so therefore no refunds are due to any resident
  • Of course, the Housing Manager can provide an honest reference for any resident.
  • Residents may receive Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient therapy as well as Medical Assisted Treatment which includes Vivitrol and Suboxone on a case by case basis. The Intake Manager can discuss these options with you.
  • Every effort is made to provide a safe recovering environment for the residents including screening the house managers and periodic health and safety inspections of each room
  • Availability varies, sometimes a bed is available the same day and sometimes there is a waiting list. The Intake Manager will stay in touch regarding the availability
  • We believe in multiple pathways to recovery that beginning said the main support for ongoing community support is extremely strong in the 12 step community in WI. In efforts to help you build your recovery support system, you will be required to participate in 12 step communities.
  • Not during the Acclimation Phase, but usually, part-time work is good during the Transition Phase and full-time employment is encouraged at the Independent Phase.
  • Guests are approved on a case by case basis.
  • All guests and visits are subject to approval by the Manager and must sign in and out
  • Guests may be asked to empty their pockets or backpacks to ensure that no weapons or contraband drugs or alcohol is brought into the house.
  • The Housing Team may expedite a bed for a resident without financial means depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Residents’ are subject to being asked to leave if they are endangering the safety of their roommates or housemates by repeatedly relapsing.  The other residents provide feedback and support during daily and weekly Community Sessions where relapse issues are discussed in a way that helps all the residents learn from the relapse experience. 
  • Random drug screens are performed on residents and failure to produce a sample is grounds for being asked to leave.  (see the relapse question for more info)
  • Each WisHope House has parking options on a case by case basis, but only after the Acclimation Phase. Check with the housing manager for parking availability.
  • Residents can stay at WisHope Housing for up to 9 months.  Past residents are encouraged to continue to engage with current residents to inspire newer residents.
  • No one goes hungry at WisHope Housing
  • During the Acclimation Phase, your first few weeks, you will be given a gift card and supervised during the grocery shopping to support healthy food choices.
  • During the Transition and Independent Phase, you are responsible for your own food expense and preparation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to setting your client up for long-term success and we have no doubt our programs will work for your client based on the positive outcomes reported by our previous patients.

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