Share Your Recovery Story

Share Your Recovery Story. Inspire Others.

In today’s world, social media is a very powerful tool that we can use to offset the demeaning and sensationalized stories that the media often shares about individuals who are struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. By sharing our stories, both individually and collectively, we share the possibilities of a better life and the message that recovery is possible

To promote recovery in Wisconsin and empower our recovery community members, we want to show as many faces and voices of recovery as we can across our various social media platforms. This includes our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

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Effective Recovery Messaging is Powerful

By sharing your recovery story in the right way, you can:

Help eliminate shame and secrecy for others still struggling

Connect isolated individuals to others they can relate to

Challenge deeply rooted social stigmas

Facilitate a positive conversation about addiction and recovery in our community

When you share your recovery journey and how your recovery has impacted those around you, you show people they are not alone. Your story is a testament that treatment, peer support, multiple pathways works and we can and do recover.

Project WisHope Recovery Story Sharing Guidelines:

To share your story, fill out our online story-sharing form below.