Phrases To Keep Pocketed for Moments of Weakness

Phrases To Keep Pocketed for Moments of Weakness

Many people struggle to maintain recovery. Each person displays strength in their sobriety and, other times, may also feel as if they have fallen short—sometimes, these feelings can be simultaneous. Some days, it is possible to count the challenges to recovery on one hand. Other days, there are not enough hands in the world.

One of the most helpful resources for overwhelming bouts of the temptations and triggers of addiction comes in the form of pocket-sized recovery axioms. Keeping portable words of wisdom at our disposal in a recovery “utility belt” allows individuals to pull from an array of time-tested insights that can help to bring us back from the brink of relapse. Many in recovery find that having some kind words to meditate on or repeat to ourselves in times of strife can boost their positive mental attitude.

Picking out which phrases are most likely to impact one’s recovery depends on personality, experience, and direction. An individual who inherited their predisposition for addiction from a family member might not resonate with the same mantras as one who relies on alcohol or substances to diminish trauma. The only way to discover what works and what doesn’t work is to seek out some favorite phrases and try them on for size.


Group meetings create a space for individuals to share the truths of their situations. These moments can be even more impactful when someone says something immensely profound, yet exact words tend to slip through the net of short-term memory. In these moments, people in recovery might wish they had written down what they just heard.

If only there were a list of inspiring phrases to keep pocketed for the future self—well, thankfully, this list already exists for anyone looking to bolster their recovery with a much-needed injection of sobriety-empowering truth nuggets. Each mantra can help to “push through” common challenges in recovery. These phrases can help keep you grounded or return to the present moment when overwhelming or racing thoughts consume your mind. Try reciting a few of these mantras when you need a boost of positivity:

Mantras for Expressing Gratitude:

  • Each new day is a gift.
  • I care about my body, mind, and spirit.
  • Good things happen to me all the time.
  • I am grateful for being safe.
  • Today, I will search for the good things in each moment.

Mantras for Self-Confidence:

  • I refuse to give up on myself.
  • I am valued by others.
  • I am living a life of purpose and meaning.
  • I am strong enough to negative emotions and discomfort.
  • I am making progress every day.
  • I have the courage to keep going.
  • I am bigger than my anxiety.
  • I have permission to say “no thank you” to anyone at any time.

Mantras for Acceptance:

  • I love myself.
  • I have compassion for myself.
  • I am kind to myself.
  • I am a worthwhile, deserving person.
  • I am worthy of manifesting my biggest dreams.
  • I am enough.
  • I’m okay with today.
  • Live and let live.

Mantras for Change and Growth:

  • I want to thrive.
  • I’m nourishing my body, mind, and soul.
  • I have a new mindset.
  • Every day is an opportunity to heal and grow.
  • I am willing to change for the better.
  • Change is hard, and that’s a good sign.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  • I’m making better choices today.

Mantras for Moving Forward:

  • Every journey begins with a single step.
  • I’m going to do the next right thing.
  • My energy creates my reality. What I focus on, I will manifest.
  • I am creating the life of my dreams.

Mantras for Maintaining Sobriety:

  • I feel amazing when I’m not drinking.
  • I am my best self when I’m sober.
  • I allow love to fill me up and guide me in all of my actions.
  • It is simply more pleasant to be happy than it is to be angry.
  • I’m honest with myself.
  • I am not alone.

Hopefully, one—if not more than one—of these phrases offers a respite from the waves of stress experienced during recovery. These words wield the power that the speaker of them allows. Their impact is not fabricated by the words themselves but instead conducted by the belief that a person charges them. These words have been spoken before, and they will be spoken again. Remember their potential for influencing change, and don’t forget what they have done for those who came before you.

Sometimes, all it takes is a word, a phrase, or a moment to change a person’s mindset in their recovery. Most individuals who experience relapse later attest to wishing they only had one more moment of reflection before rushing into a sudden temptation. In these moments, repeating mantras or phrases of wisdom can significantly impact the immediacy of acting on impulse. One such mantra exists in the music world that may lend credence to this phenomenon: “practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.” What we tell ourselves in the moments before temptation can condition our thoughts and behavior in the presence of triggering alcohol or substance use disorder. At WisHope, we view recovery as a winding road populated with highs and lows. We know that sober living is about so much more than just getting by. Our strategic recovery program empowers peers during treatment and long after graduating from outpatient care. Don’t wait to get help—call us today at (844) 947-4673.

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